Ostravice Golf & Ski Resort


Basic information

The hotel is located in the heart of the golf resort and offers fascinating views of Beskydy valley and the golf course.

You will be accomodated in peaceful ambience, where all your wishes will be fulfiled by kind staff that knows who you are and why you chose our resort for your stay. The complex that consists of 6 buildings is situated on the golf course border, the fact that predestines our hotel to focus on quality golf stays. Its log style corresponds with the golf club and restaurant facilities style. 3 cathegories of hotel rooms offer a really comfortable way of spending holidays and organizing company stays. The rooms are situated in two above-ground floors and the accomodation is classified as follows: 5 „Economy“ double rooms, 10 „Standard“ double rooms 12 „Comfort +“ double rooms For more information, click on the website http://www.ostravice-golf.cz/hotel