Nature Trail Lysá hora

Basic information

Number of stops: 15 + 2 additional information panels on the peak

Along the 16.5 km long path there are 15 stops and 2 additional information panels on the peak near the meteorological station. It is possible to start from two points at the Ostravice railway station and in Malenovice from the car park at the Rajská bouda cottage. Both paths join at the Lukšince ridge and then the path continues to the peak. So, if you would like to see all the stops, you should plan your trip from one village to the other, going over the peak. The nature trail leads along tourist paths. From Ostravice to the peak it is the red path, from Malenovice to Lukšinec it is the yellow path. The route is demanding, the total height difference is approximately 800 m. The trip will take you from 4 to 6 hours (during the season without snow). It is designed mostly for pedestrians! The visitors can get to know something about the bandit Ondráš, the caves and treasures, how the landscape looked like in the past and what grows and lives here and why.