Šance Dam

Basic information

It was built on the border between the villages Ostravice and Staré Hamry in 1964 – 1969.

It serves as an outflow regulator and it is designed to prevent floods which often threatened the Ostravice river catchment´s area inhabitants. It also serves as a quality potable water reservoir for the Ostravsko region. The dam is open to the public and you can get there by car. At the the dam you will find the yellow and the blue tourist paths signpost. The yellow path leads to Lysá hora or, in the opposite direction, to Malý Smrk. The blue path leads to Bílý Kříž. Basic data about the dam: Dam type: stone: loose stone dam, which was the highest one in the Czech Republic at the time of its construction Dam length: 342 m Dam height: 63.5 m Floodded area: 335.5 ha Floodded area length: 7.6 km Floodded area width: 600 m Total volume: 1,340 000 m3