Czech Brethren Evangelic Parish Church in Ostravice

Basic information

The church was built in 1873 – 1874 and it was consecreted on 24 July 1874.

It is an easy rectangular building with a presbytery, terminated by a polygon, and with an added sacristy on the North. A slim bell tower, terminaded by a pyramid roof, dominates the front facade of the church. An interesting portal with two half-columns, terminated by Corinthian column heads, serves as the entrance to the church. The pilasters of the lateral facades are terminated by interesting stucco decorations in „God´s eye“ style. The Czech Brethren Parish Church in Ostravice is situated at the edge of a steep slope above the Ostravice river right bank, opposite the center of the village with a former archibishop sawmill and a railway station. Due to the fact that the church is located above the right bank of the Ostravice river, it is not located in Moravia as the Ostravice village, but in Silesia, and therefore before it was administrated by the Staré Hamry register. This part of Staré Hamry was originally called Hamrovice. Phone: +420 603 350 173 pavel.janas@evangnet.cz