Basic information

This is a sandstone rock formation located about midway on route from Ostravice to the Lysá Hora summit, not far from the crossroads at Butořanka, at the edge of the Mazák stream gorge.

This is most probably the oldest cliff formation in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains.

The cliffs are located directly on the tourist trail. From the crossroads at Butořanka we can reach them along the cross trail to the right of the red tourist trail. You will reach the cliffs after about 200 m – on the right of the trail – about 50 m from it. From above they don’t seem too interesting, but if you stand on the cracked main protrusion, you suddenly find yourself in a fairy tale. Below you

is the great depth of the valley, to the left the Čupel mountain, in front of you the triangular Malý Smrk, behind it the summit of Smrk and a short distance further the highest parts of Kněhyně.

The Upper Mazák Cliffs are 9 m high; located in the Beskydy Conservation Area, not far from the Mazák and Mazácký Grúnik nature reserves. However, the actual cliffs are not protected and are thus frequently used for training by rock climbers, with a difficulty grade of class II. – VI. A small cottage, called Tatranka, is located in a bizarre position at the cliffs, which is attached to the cliffs and gorge slope. It is used as a retreat for cliff climbers and is not open to the public.