Basic information

The Lower Mazák Cliffs are sandstone cliffs of a well-known cliff formation on the slopes of Lysá Hora, at the base of the Smrčina hill.

This significant natural formation is located in the central part of the Mazák stream, which flows from the south-western slopes of Lysá Hora. It is also the only cliff formation on the slopes of Lysá Hora which can be viewed directly from the blue trail that winds around it towards Lysá Hora.

The high cliff wall rises next to the road and up into the forest. The cliffs are formed by rocks with a total length of almost 250 m and height of 8 m. The cliffs are not registered as a protected formation or natural monument and, therefore, in the summer they are a popular destination for training by rock climbers, with a difficulty grade of class II. – VI. Compared to other cliffs around Lysá Hora one can arrive at them even by road bicycle.