Basic information

The Mazák National Nature Reserve is located on the steep western slopes under Lysá Hora between Lukšinec and Kobylanka horns.

This reserve is protected since 1956. The subject of protection is the conservation of vegetation of primeval forest nature akin to the natural generic composition, which creates in this location a gradient ranging from florid beechwood in Mazák valley, through spruce bedchwood in the upper slopes, to fern pine groves below the summit of Lysá Hora. This national nature reserve is adjacent to the Mazácký Grúnik Nature Reserve, as a unique complex of well-preserved forest types, located on the northern ridge of Čupel, south-west of Lysá Hora.

The whole area is located in the centre of the strongest development of inherent Godula layers. The earth surface is channelled by sources of the Mazák stream in a “V” shape with a high gradient. The valleys are filled with cliff blocks and debris flows. The Mazák stream, with its source below the summit of Lysá Hora, and Mazák valley are remarkable with small waterfalls, weirs and cascades. In winter one can find icefalls here.

You can reach the Mazák stream and valley by walking from the train station towards the Šance Dam (blue trail in Lysá Hora direction). In the Mazák valley there is a road along the stream, but it’s prohibited to drive into the valley. At the upper part of the valley there are some sandstone cliffs for climbing enthusiasts.