The Roman Catholic church was built in 1788 – 1789.

A relief sculpture by Augustín Handzel in Staré Hamry, whose unveiling ceremony took place in 1933.

The Winkler´s wooden bell tower was built in 1928 on an underpinning in which a stone room is hidden.

Petr Bezruč, a poet, whose real name was Vladimír Vašek, was born in 1867 in Opava.

The church was built in 1873 – 1874 and it was consecreted on 24 July 1874.

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The Mazák National Nature Reserve is located on the steep western slopes under Lysá Hora between Lukšinec and Kobylanka horns.

The Lower Mazák Cliffs are sandstone cliffs of a well-known cliff formation on the slopes of Lysá Hora, at the base of the Smrčina hill.

This is a sandstone rock formation located about midway on route from Ostravice to the Lysá Hora summit, not far from the crossroads at Butořanka, at the edge of the Mazák stream gorge.

Zátopek Farm

Geocaching is an adventure, a game for all GPS owners, which connects thousands of people from all around the world via Internet.

A swimming pool with warm water, water slides, a Tropico bar, a paddling pool for children, a waterfall wall and a water mushroom.

Refreshments, a playground for children, a volleyball court, foot tennis,

The Giff aréna sport and relax center offers the following services: a swimming pool, a sauna, a tanning salon.